Milky Way

A story about two families and billions of celestial bodies.

Years of shooting 2012-2016

Shot on 35mm film

Introduction text: Kostis Antoniadis

Design: John Sigma and Kostis Antoniadis

Soft cover, size 20x25

*Because of the book is being in Dummy version, the pictures presented here as well as the piece of writing are a small part of the visual and written material

"Milky Way A ray of Light in the darkness of the night sky which has been interpreted with plenty of myths by the magical thought. These stories have vanished from long ago, ever since the scientific community gave us an explenation about how this phenomenon is caused by a spiral concentration of billions of stars which belong into the same galaxy as the Sun and Earth. However, when we look at the Milky Way up at the sky, we have to call forth the magical thought once again so that we can imagine that we, as well, are parts of it. The consciousness of our place in the universe is precious at the point it urges us to think again about the values and the priorities that control our lives. Mainly it reminds us the importance of the distance from which we are looking at things."

- Kostis Antoniadis